The Mission of the Greater First Church is to win persons in establishing a meaningful and life changing relationship with Jesus Christ while helping them to identify their gifts; equipping them to find their place in the Body of Christ; and engaging in ministries that seek to make the wounded whole and bring glory to God.



             21st Century Vision and Ministry Plan Executive Summary



Greater First Church recognizes that there are two sides of the Church’s life. First is the internal side which makes compassionate disciples for Jesus Christ by helping people to take the next step to maturity in Christ. The second is the external side of the Church’s life which moves God’s people beyond its hallowed walls and engages in ministries that meet people where they are, and like Christ, in order to bring them spiritual, social, economic and psychological health and wholeness.

Greater First Church recognizes also that she has a responsibility to establish an environment that encourages people to be the best and do their best as God intended. Therefore, the 21st Century Progressive Vision Plan and New Direction Humanitarian Project has developed a unique   approach to accomplish this by building or creating a progressive combination of “Centers” specially designed to offer patrons a place to worship and partake of an array of activities and services, in addition to its existing traditional church ministries, in an esthetically appealing, comfortable and safe environment.

Greater First Church would operate each of the “Centers” under individual program structures appropriate for that particular program. More importantly, “the Centers” would operate in a manner that makes them self-sufficient through income producing activities, services and events. This is vital to the overall viability of the Greater First Church. In short, its program strategy would employ a multi-faceted method to maintain and grow an operationally sound and worthwhile ministry, and develop capacity to sustain its humanitarian outreach plan and service.  Each “Center” is complimentary to the other.  For example, Family Life Center and Banquet Hall; Excellence Academy Christian School; Conference and Retreat Center; Assisted Living and Transitional Housing Center; Recreation Center; Child Development Center; Youth Activity and Reclamation Center; Transportation and Travel Center; Executive Center; and Retail Shopping Center and Movie Theater and Grocery Store.

The LONG RANGE 21st Century Progressive Vision Plan and New Direction Humanitarian Project, l undoubtedly will ensure personal and church growth and development for the current and future generations of competent, caring, and committed members of the Greater First Church Family who desire to move to A HIGHER LEVEL of Church Mission and Ministry of reconciliation and peace.

 “Write the Vision; make it plain on tablets, so that the runner may read it…If it seems to tarry, wait for it; it will surely come, it will not delay” — Habakkuk 2:2, 3